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My name is Jeff and I'm a Connecticut native currently residing in Glastonbury with my wife and two teenage daughters.  I have a day job as an IT Director for a large insurance company in Hartford.  When I'm not at work, spending time with family, playing guitar, or working on home improvement projects, you'll find me at various locations around the Northeast photographing birds, landscapes, and other outdoor subject matter.

I've been taking pictures and videos of family, friends, and scenery since I was a child, but my creative passion and technical skills for digital photography have reached a crescendo in recent years.  I acquired my first Canon DSLR camera in 2013 and have since progressed to Fujifilm mirrorless camera technology.  I have a portrait studio setup in my garage that I use for family and pet portraits.

In terms of education, I took various photography-related classes at Manchester Community College in 2014-2016, attended multiple photography workshops, invested in several professional online tutorials, and am currently enrolled in the Digital Photography Degree program at Southern New Hampshire University.  My mission is to evoke positive emotions in others by showcasing a body of work that includes artistically stunning images of interesting places and things.  I also love to pass on what I learn and tell the stories behind my images.

What started as a hobby quickly grew into a passion for me.  One day I was taking photos near a waterfall with a good friend & fellow photographer who showed me how to slow my camera's shutter speed and make the flowing water look like a bridal veil.  I've been absolutely hooked since.

In addition to waterfalls and other landscapes, I also love to photograph birds.  I find them to be the most challenging subject.  As a result, I've become quite the birder and frequently join Audubon Society bird walks.  I enjoy "shooting" birds in their natural habitat and I've won first place and other awards for my photos in various photography contests.

As you browse samples of my images, please take the time to read the captions and feel free to comment on or critique my work.  I value constructive feedback and hope you enjoy what you see.

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